Books by Dr. Thurman

The Lies We Believe About God

We all have a distorted view of God. This book explores ten ways of thinking about God that cause us not to see Him for who He really is and damage our relationship with Him. It goes into the core attributes of God so that we can know Him more deeply and love and enjoy Him more fully.

The Lies Couples Believe

Every couple suffers from faulty ways of thinking about marriage. This book takes you into the ten most destructive beliefs a couple can fall into about this most sacred of all relationships and the truth that can set us free to experience a loving, intimate relationship with our spouse.

The Lies We Believe

Over a quarter of a million in print! This new edition examines the many lies people tell themselves that damage emotional, relational, and spiritual health. Includes workbook with exercises designed to help people experience the fulfillment they are seeking.

The Pursuit of Intimacy

We all thirst for genuine intimacy in our marriages. This book is a penetrating look at how a husband and wife can have a more loving marriage that honors God and serves as an inspiration to others. Based on the principles of Dr. David Ferguson's Intimacy Therapy.

Self-Help or Self-Destruction

We are inundated with teachings from "pop" psychology, more than a few of which are unbiblical and going to lead to our destruction if applied. This books focuses on the most harmful principles offered in popular self-help books and the biblical teachings we are supposed to follow instead.

Intimate Moments

Closeness doesn't happen easily and requires effort on our part. The daily devotions in this book provide a foundation for helping couples achieve intimacy in their marriages.

The Stress Factor

Stress is part of life. This book looks at what stress is, positive and negative aspects of stress, and ways to handle stress in a healthy manner that allow us to thrive as we go through life.

The Truths We Must Believe

A powerful examination of twelve life changing truths necessary for personal growth and development. The truth will set you free and this book explores core truths that help us find greater freedom to live the way God intended us to.

If Christ Were Your Counselor

What would Christ say if He were your counselor? This book takes you into His "office" for help on crucial issues such as forgiving others, making internal "heart" changes, taking personal responsibility, and how to "agape" love the people in our lives.

Before Burnout

There are those of us who struggle with being driven, perfectionistic, obsessive-compulsive types who are susceptible to burnout. This book explores how to hold on to the healthy aspects of being driven while achieving balance in our lives.

The Lies We Believe Workbook

We are challenged to not only hear the truth but to put it into action. This twelve week interactive workbook is designed to help you do just that. This workbook is full of practical exercises that will enable you to be "transformed by the renewal of your mind."